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Sylvania Grolux - Dual Lamps

Sylvania Grolux – Dual Lamps

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Sylvania Grolux - Dual Lamps

This bulb can be used for growth and bloom. the light is mostly red/yellow spectrum, needed for the flowering stage but it also has 30% more of the blue spectrum (for the vegetative stage).

The Sylvania Grolux is a good compromise, if the utilization of only one bulb is desired.

The Grolux with 58 000 lumen features an even higher number of lumen than the SHP-TS. It has a mostly red and yellow light spectrum, which is needed for the blooming phase.

  • Light output: 58,000 lumens
  • 2050K
  • 145 lm/ W
  • E40 ceramic socket
  • 230 V
  • Dual Spectrum
  • To use only with a 400W ballast
  • Suggested area from 80x80cm to 100x100cm